Consegna is celebrating their fourth birthday, and Directors Rob and Jonny, couldn’t be prouder of how far the business and team have come.

Read on to explore their entrepreneurial motivations for starting their own business, why they have such a passion for quality and how they’re celebrating this momentous occasion!

Congratulations on Consegna turning four! You must both be so proud of how far the business has come?

Jonny: Yes, it’s been a rollercoaster, but we are extremely proud of what we have achieved so far, and we are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Consegna!

Rob: Definitely. I must say, times like this give you the opportunity to reflect back on the journey we have been on so far and it’s great to see the progress we have made.

Jonny: More recently, we have hit record figures, had new specialist consultants join, completely rebranded with a brand-new website and also moved into amazing new offices. So, we have been extremely busy and had a lot going on in preparation for our 4th year!

Rob: Even with how much we’ve developed, one key thing that I am proud of is the clients that both myself and Jonny worked when starting out, are still key clients of the business today.

Sounds like Consegna definitely has an exciting year ahead! What was your motivation for setting up your own recruitment business?

Rob: As a child, I always had the desire to have my own business and follow in my Dad’s footsteps.

I guess in this respect, he was inspiring to me and that is where my ambition and drive to own a business stems from.

When the opportunity to start a business arose, I was working within recruitment at the time.

I have known Jonny a long time: he is equally as ambitious and driven as myself, plus our different abilities and personalities complement each other.

It’s helped us to get to where we are today, as we constantly push each other to progress and achieve greater things.

Jonny: 100%. The motivation was to create a sustainable recruitment agency, focused on quality, not quantity, as we know how much clients appreciate and prefer this.

We always had a goal of building a good reputation for being the agency who deliver on expectations, but also providing that positive and fun service.

We believe in a trusted service and we’re passionate about building strong relationships.

When we were planning things in the early stages, it was all about doing it the right way by not cutting corners and putting the needs of our clients at the heart of everything we do.

With what we have created, we aim to build a good platform where specialist recruiters can thrive and be allowed to offer a trusted and quality service to our clients.

The Director Duo – Rob and Jonny

Scrubbing up well!


Going from those early planning stages to where you are now, both you and Consegna have changed so much.

But you haven’t always been known as Consegna – what inspired you to change the name of the business?

Rob: We sat down and realised that now we had this business, we wanted to take it to the next stage.

Jonny: It was tough to let it go, especially with our network knowing us as “City Blue” and with us both being Man City Fans!!

Ultimately though, we needed to make some changes in order for us to build a brand and reaffirm our beliefs, company values, marketing strategy and future plans as this is really important to us.

Rob: Yeah, we wanted to create a brand identity that would help us stand out. When we thought of the word Consegna, we both knew straight away it was the one.

It means “delivery” in Italian, and we have got to where we are now by delivering to our candidates and clients.

It’s clear that your core values, such as quality are very important to you both.

Why is this?

Rob: Because they are what makes us Consegna.

These are the values that both Jonny and I live by and what creates the level of service we demand for our clients and candidates.

Jonny: It’s everything we believe in and our reputation that matters to us really, so focusing on our company values and making sure they mean something to us was something we spent a lot of time on.

Rob: We aren’t a large, corporate agency so we can’t solely rely on our name to get us by. As a result, it is all about ensuring our service is up there, our candidates are the best possible available and that we build the long-term relationships with clients that we desire.

Jonny: We want to demonstrate our honesty and integrity internally within the team, but also with the clients we work with. When we sat down to discuss company values, Quality, Resilience and providing a Personable service were they key points we wanted to focus on, and we know that’s what has got us this far already.

From humble beginnings…

Moving up in the world…

Checking out the new office…

New office, new branding and new name!

The brand pillars are a key feature within the Consegna Recruitment Office

In terms of business development, what was the best decision you guys have made?

Jonny: Man United Fans will say the name change… and I would agree! But, for completely different reasons of course.

For us, it is all about focusing on what matters.

I realised that the name change would allow us to reaffirm our core values, which is one of most the important things for us in providing a platform for us to build stronger relationships and show why we really are different.

From day one, we have always said we wanted to be an agency that clients trust and come back to, so maintaining that quality service is the key to our growth and success.

Rob: We like to be forward thinking within the industry. For me, flexible working has been essential in progressing our business, so we made the decision for all our consultants to have laptops.

We all know recruitment isn’t a 9-to-5 role and getting consultants to do that little bit extra is hard.

Having a laptop provides them with the opportunity to do that from wherever is best for them – whether this is at the office, at home or elsewhere, which definitely makes things easier.

It’s meant that as a business, we’ve been able do a little bit more to hopefully get ahead of our competitors.

In our industry, productivity is key and flexible working lets us be as productive as possible.

What would you say is the biggest lesson you’re learned while working in, and owning a recruitment business?

Jonny: Personally, I believe that it’s important to constantly challenge that negative stereotype that recruitment sometimes has. As long as you are up front, honest and transparent, you can’t go far wrong!

Rob: It’s hard to choose just one. I think that there is a new lesson to be learnt every day, especially as the business grows and new challenges are constantly thrown at you.

That being said, If I had to pick one, it would be handling all the different aspects of owning a business whilst still managing a recruitment desk. Overall, that’s the biggest lesson learnt!

Finally, how are you celebrating turning four?

On Friday, we had a fun night out in Manchester involving Junkyard Golf and a team meal at the Manchester Bar & Grill, before we hit the town and let our hair down!

We also have a team incentive planned for Dublin on St. Paddy’s Day! Let the Guinness flow! 😄

Team Consegna!


Celebrating turning four 🎉