Consegna’s 5 tips for hiring top talent

Grace Finlay
15th April 2021

 Many recruiters know that top talent can be hard to find with the best candidates off the market within a 10-day average. As of Autumn 2020, job vacancies across the UK are down 34.6%, a decrease of approximately 277,000 job opportunities. Naturally, you would think that this would mean more active candidates are out searching for roles. However, GoHire shared that 70% of the global workforce is composed of passive talent. 

McKinsey & Company shared some hiring statistics when interviewing Fortune 500 executives. Alarmingly only ‘23 percent of managers and senior executives active on talent-related topics believe their current acquisition and retention strategies will work’. Most often employers are missing simple tricks to effectively source top talent and, in a generation, where workers now stay at each job for an average of 4.4 years it is extremely important for employers to spend time finding the right fit. Read on for our top tips to find out how you could be sourcing top talent.

1. Company Culture

Arguably for the majority of candidates, company culture is an important factor when considering applications or offers. Which makes sense when you think about it, as prospective employees want to invest their time in the right company just as much as employers. Phill Westcott director of Robert Walters UK highlights that highly regarded cultures are those with shared values, attributes, and characteristics. This can be displayed in smaller ways such as casual dress codes, a day off on a birthday, or the flexibility of being able to work from home.

2.  Candidate Experience

CandidateID defines the candidate experience as ‘how candidates feel and behave to an employer’s recruitment marketing, sourcing, interviewing, hiring and on-boarding processes’. This highlights how a positive hiring experience is crucial to making successful placements and future referrals.

Officevibe reinforces this idea by saying that ‘64% of applicants would share negative application experiences with friends and family and 27% would actively discourage others from applying’. Simple ways to improve your candidate experience include:

  • Communicating with candidates and keeping them in the loop
  • Being transparent about the hiring process
  • Give unsuccessful candidates feedback – don’t ghost them!
  • Ask the candidates directly for more personable feedback and critiques.


3. Make the most of your marketing

“To attract the best talent on the market, it’s essential companies create a reputation as somewhere candidates want to work,” says Julia Zhu, associate director at Robert Walters China. You can guarantee that when a candidate is applying for a role, they either already know the company and their values or can find out all about them in just a few clicks. This is why it’s incredibly important for companies to make the most of their online presence to attract talent.

LinkedIn shared that ‘three-quarters of hiring staff say it’s easier to attract top talent when the candidate knows about your organisation’. Furthermore, Finances online shared that the most effective talent branding tools include company websites (68%), online professional networks, and social media. The beauty of social media is that you can create cost-effect marketing and company branding to provide potential candidates with more insight before you even schedule a call.


4. Highlight the benefits

The benefits of a job are important for any prospective employee. TalentLyft reported that 60% of people report that benefits and perks are a major factor in considering whether to accept a job offer. They also shared the most desirable benefits include:

  1. Insurance (e.g., medical, dental, life): 40%
  2. Vacation/Paid time off: 37%
  3. Performance bonus: 35%
  4. Paid sick days: 32%
  5. Pension plans or contributions: 31%
  6. Flexible schedule (e.g., work from home): 30%
  7. Office perks (e.g., free lunch, casual dress): 19%

The important thing for businesses is to stay up to date with the stats and trends people are looking for so they can provide the best packages for employees.


5. Outline career progression

Robert Walters UK highlights that “the prospect of career progression is often fundamental in a candidate’s decision to accept a job offer, so it’s essential companies look to signpost all available opportunities for professional development”. Career progression is important for any candidate whether they’re applying for an entry or executive-level position. Not only that but if the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything it’s the importance of job security. Top talent will always have the ability to grow and develop alongside the company, with this the employee will gain more self-satisfying job titles, extra responsibilities, and respect from other colleagues. Whether you’re an external recruiter or hiring manager it will always be beneficial to highlight a progression plan or the prospect of one throughout the hiring process. 

How Consegna can achieve this for you


  • We invest heavily into our recruitment technologies and a forward-thinking approach to Executive Search and Talent Attraction has allowed us to build strong candidate and client networks across the UK and more recently EMEA.
  • We use a multi-touch sourcing approach which involves using a variety of personalised communication channels to spark conversations. This is how we identify and access the top talent, and convert passive candidates where others fall short. We understand the best Talent isn’t always the most visible and that one communication method doesn’t cut it in today’s world. 
  • We enable our clients to save time and focus on growing their business by utilising our technology and service, such as digital shortlists & recorded video interviews, and access to recorded video interviews with our shortlisted candidates, to view at your convenience. 
  • We are constantly recording and analysing our recruitment data throughout our journey to provide you key market insights and data-driven consultation, to enhance our relationships.
  • Our service is very much solution-based, which is tailored to our clients and candidate’s needs, which delivers high-quality results and the personable approach of our business.

Grace Finlay
24th February 2021

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