Introducing Consegna...

For the final step in the total re-haul of their branding, Friday 4th January saw the new Consegna Recruitment website revealed.

From moving to a shiny new office to a complete change in name and logo, the recruitment agency formerly known as City Blue has been on a transformative journey over the past few months.

For directors Jonny and Rob, rebranding their recruitment business is not a decision they took lightly.

After taking the time to consider just what makes their business tick, they realised just how important it was for them to have a brand that showcases their personalities and core business values.

So, they set out on a mission to turn this into an exciting new brand.

Why Consegna?

Meaning delivery in Italian, Consegna encapsulates the ethos of the business that Jonny and Rob have built.

When discussing what made their businesses different, delivery emerged as a repetitive theme.

Rob explained how “the focus on delivery to all our clients has helped us build the key relationships that we’ve got and that’s where the idea has grown from”.

The team at Consegna are passionate about delivering a quality, personable service through their resilient attitude.

This unique approach creates a service experience that clients can’t get enough of.

Personable, Quality, Resilient.

Focussing the rebrand around three key brand pillars has allowed the directors to assert Consegna’s core motivations.

With a resilient attitude and determination to find the best standard of candidates, Consegna’s personability allows them to deliver the highest quality of service.

Jonny said “Quality has always been the key driver for us.

It’s allowed us to get to the point where we are really, and more importantly, establish ourselves within the markets that we work in and create really strong relationships with our existing clients”.

The importance of expertise.

Rob and Jonny pride themselves on the fact that all consultants at Consegna are expects within the fields that they hire for.

Rob said “for me, it’s all about market knowledge which is why each consultant specifies in certain industries and sectors.

Being a specialist in that industry helps our consultants provide that personable, quality service that is expected from Consegna”.

Looking to the future.

On top of this, clarifying their brand has contributed to Rob and Jonny’s future aspiration for their business.

Speaking of the continued advantage they see coming from the rebrand, Jonny commented “it has allowed us to reaffirm our core values within what we want to achieve long term.

We’re excited for the future, we’re excited to demonstrate our capabilities and our personality to our clients and to build a team around what we believe”.

With the website now live and a successful rebrand completed, expect to see more exciting things coming from Consegna Recruitment soon!



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