If you believe that enjoying working with both numbers and people are not mutually exclusive – then chances are a career in Financial Services is the one for you.

Mortgage Advisors (or Mortgage Advisers) are an increasingly sought-after role within the sector.

In 2018, the Financial Services sector contributed 6.9% of total economic output, a figure which has been fairly consistent over the past four years.

Within the sector, the Mortgage Advisor field is currently thriving with almost all new mortgage sales being advised and about half of internal switches being advised upon from third parties and intermediaries.

As a specialist Financial Services recruitment agency, we have many conversations with both candidates and businesses who work within the Financial Services space.

Recently, we’ve had multiple conversations with frustrated Mortgage Advisors working for companies that don’t provide leads.

Comparatively, many of the happy Mortgage Advisors we speak to are working for companies that do provide leads.

Why are those who supply their own leads so discontented compared to their counterparts who have leads supplied?

We take a look at the specifics for each job based on our client experiences:

While working for a company that doesn’t supply leads seems to be the option with the potential to have bigger risks but with bigger commission rewards, working for a company that does provide leads seems to be the safer, more stable option which certainly sounds less stressful.

The factor of stability of having leads provided could still produce a fruitful earning opportunity due to the consistency of leads.

Additionally, stability is increasingly becoming a criteria candidates are looking for when finding a new job. For Gen Z, the latest generation to enter the workforce, job stability is in the top three most important criteria, along with salary and flexible working/work-life balance.

Taking this into consideration, it seems less surprising that those with leads supplied are more content than those who have to generate their own leads.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

If you are a self-employed Mortgage Advisor – how do you feel about this subject and which do you prefer or find more financially beneficial?

We’d love to hear your thoughts – let us know in the comments below!