Rob Brooks




Hi, I’m Rob.

I’m a founder and Director of Consenga. My favourite thing (other than recruitment) is Football!

I play Sunday league and religiously use my season ticket for Man City. I’m a keen foodie who can often be found cooking up a storm in the kitchen. The rest of the time you can probably find me trying out new food at Michelin star restaurants.

I’m also into water sports and jet skiing and love going to live concerts and gigs!

General Knowledge


Special Subject

Technology (FinTech)

Rob is a methodical and strategical thinker with a strong background in recruiting within technical sectors. 

A firm believer in having exceptional market knowledge, Rob knows where to look for those ‘hard to find candidates’. Through this approach, he has helped Consegna partner with numerous global companies. 

Rob is the head of internal operations, consultant training and development and identifying opportunities to support Consegna’s growth in 2019.

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