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We don’t believe that recruitment is a one-size-fits-all model; every single business, every single search is unique and distinct. Every brand is competing for the attention of talented individuals to join and better their company, using every means as their disposal.

Being effective in this market requires a dynamic approach – it requires flexibility, creativity, persistence and insight.

The C3 Solution


The c3 solution is about enabling businesses to define their terms of engagement, in a flexible model, that allows you to allocate resources and focus at different levels, across multiple recruitment projects.

We offer 3 key strategies – contingency, retained, outsourced – to find you the best talent available. 


Consegna Capital

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22-27% contingency fee (depending on allocated resources) that is paid across 6 instalments to help early stage start-ups manage cash flow during the first few key hires.


  • Payment 1 is due on the start date
  • Payment 2 is due 28 days from start date.
  • Payment 3 is due 56 days from start date.

Consegna Calibre

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 20%, fully serviced, retained fee. The retained solution offers our full package of next-generation recruitment tech, as well as access to market reports/etc. This carries a full 12 month guarantee on any candidate hired through this plan.


  • Payment 1 is due on project commencement (20% of projected fee).
  • Payment 2 is due on interview (20% of projected fee).
  • Payment 3 is due on offer acceptance (remainder of fee).

Consegna Champion

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An outsourced model for companies looking to drive savings across high volume hiring. Fees scale from 20% to 12.5% depending on the quantity of hires you are making, meaning that hypergrowth doesn’t have to cost your arm and leg. You pay a rolling subscription that adjusts to your hiring projections.

We calculate hiring projections in monthly/quarterly meetings and set the fee at the rate; this can then be adjusted real-time if you don’t hit or exceed those projections.


  • 1 – 4 hires/quarter: 20%
  • 5 – 8 hires/quarter: 17.5%
  • 9 – 12 hires/quarter: 15%
  • 13+ hires/quarter: 12.5%

Case Study

The Process


Consegna were mandated to grow the UK sales team for a Berlin-based vendor who needed: 2 Account Executives and 2 BDR’s – they had projected 4 hires which worked out as 17.5% (a whopping 7.5% saving on industry standards). We projected the following:

2 Account Executives – £75,000 ea – £150,000 total x 0.175 = £26,250

2 BDR’s – £25,000 – £50,000 total x 0.175 = £8,750

Total projection = £35,000

The Challenge

Consegna successfully delivered on this project securing 2 fantastic Account Executives, but the BDR’s proved to be a problem – there were 3 terrific options and the client had only intended to take 2.
Thanks to the Consegna Champion solution we advised the client to trust their instincts and take all 3 – why?

The Results


The Consegna Champion solutions adjusts to your hiring in real-time. This meant that by taking a 5th hire for the quarter, the client had qualified for the further discounted rate of 15% on all placements. This changed their total fee structure accordingly:

2 Account Executives – £75,000 ea – £150,000 total x 0.15 = £22,500

3 BDR’s – £25,000 ea – £75,000 total x 0.15 = £11,250

Total payable = £33,750


This allowed the client to hire an extra BDR than their projection.
This also allowed them to secure a further saving of £1,250.


We believe that having the drive to grow something should be rewarded. Get in touch with one of our dedicated team today.

Consegna Brochure


You can find out more about what we’re doing in the Consegna Brochure – the perfect tool in the belt to have when scaling your team.

Read all about the recruitment innovations we are driving with the ‘Talent Pipeline’ and ‘Talent Ambassador’ strategies we use to edge out other players in the market.


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